28 December, 2005

Terranova 2005

At Terranova they had all of the crew dress up in random clothing we found at the church for a intro video. Of course we have plenty of these so called "biblical" costumes. Bonnie's hat is well, not so biblical...but does conjure up images of Downtown Julie Brown. Ya know?

On a more legit note...tonight we had our intro session with the group. One of the main themes of the week is for students to have a real, deep conversation with God. Maybe for the first time even. To help foster this, we set up 4 points of conversation in the room. One in each corner: yielding, communion, prayer, and expression.
Tonight I helped explain the expression corner. The corner was filled with paints, clay, blank pieces of paper, colored pencils, canvases, and markers. We encouraged the students to freely express themselves to God...their heartbreaks, joy, confusion, hope, dreams, disappointments, and fears. The point was to just be real with God, to honestly express themselves to God.
I remember when I first grasped this whole "be real with God in an intimate, real relationship" thing. I was 16. And it was life-changing. I pray someone else's life is being changed this week... Posted by Picasa

27 December, 2005

Youth Conferences, Home Alone, and the Future

So my sister, Matt, and parents peaced out of town today to go down to the once-a-year family gathering in the dirty, dirty south (Mobile, Alabama). I stayed here to help with Terranova and to work at B&N. It's not all bad staying here without the fam....I ate a delicious dinner at PF Chang's tonight, went to my all time favorite coffeeshop (Fido's in Hillsboro Village) and am getting ready to pop in Phantom of the Opera. The end of the year is quickly approaching (like in 4 days) and I'm finishing up compiling my list of "Why 2005 was the best year I ever had." I'll post that sometime in early '06 (like Sunday or Monday or something). So basically, not much is going on in my life these days...but I am so ok with that...
I've been thinking a lot lately about post-college plans...it's coming up sooner than I'm ready for... When people ask me what my plans are I say oh I may get my masters in english, or I may move to New York, or I may get a masters in communication, or I may blah blah blah...the truth is I have no idea what I'm going to do. I just want to know that I'll eventually make money doing something I'm passionate about.


get back to me...

ps. my hands smell like cappucino...

26 December, 2005

And this is why I do theater...

I've had this dream since I was a wee one of having flowing black locks...I got to sport this hot wig during the "Havana" number in which Josh tossed me around like a rag doll...dream come true? In more ways than one ;-) Posted by Picasa

So dramatic...

This is another pretty dramatic picture from backstage of "Guys & Dolls." This my friends is THE Justin Petrochko...and he actually took this picture of us with his own hand, talented bloke, eh? Posted by Picasa

New(er) Pictures!

This is a pic of Josh and me from "Guys & Dolls." The blonde on the left is me...I had to wear that ridiculous bow (the one he's wearing) in one of the numbers, so we swapped hat for bow backstage for this glamorous pic... Posted by Picasa

23 December, 2005

Here's What's Up

My new job is fun! Kinda. People shopping right before Christmas can get kinda crazy. But something about coffee and cheesecake make them feel better. And you know what makes me feel better?
A pay check.

So Christmas season tends to be a great time for people to propose. So far I've had 2 sets of friends get engaged.
Congratulations to Cameron and Shannon.
And congratulations to Grady and Anne.

Next week I'm helping out at a youth conference called "Terranova" that my church is hosting. And I may go to Atlanta for New Years Eve. Then comes Passion in Nashville where I get to hang out with the Longbrake and Mel, then comes a visit from Jenny, then comes going back to the Lynchburg, seeing that fabulous boy, and being in an opera.

Pirates of Penzance: opens January 19th.

Oh life keeps chugging right along...

19 December, 2005

I got the job!

I saw Narnia. Wow.

18 December, 2005

"Home" Again

So as of 10:30 last night I'm back in Nashville for Christmas break. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks, we college students tend to forget (due to a lack of reminders) that the Christmas season is in full swing, and we are simply tucked away in dorms and classrooms oblivious to it all. So here I am, finally free of thoughts regarding shows and studying, and we're 1 week out from Christmas. 1 week out, and I've got nothing to show for it. So, objective 1 of this week: find some Christmas presents. Objective 2 is to get hired by the Cafe in Barnes and Noble. I have an interview with them on Monday. Wish me luck! Objective 3 is to spend some time reconnecting with old friends, and the fam. I realized yesterday that this month ahead of me is the longest I've been at home in Nashville at one time in a whole year. I almost don't know what to do with myself. I've already been asked about helping out with some creative and music-type stuff at my church and a local ministry so I'm excited about that. I'll also get to hang out with some LU friends when they come down for "Passion '06." That's all for now...

13 December, 2005

Well hey...

So I started my new job this past week and it is both pimp and easy. The website that I write for is www.libertyu.com My job description includes writing whatever I want once a week, looking at Liberty's webpages that pertain to aviation, center for worship, and fine arts, and attending events that fit in somewhere under the fine arts umbrella. So, tonight I'm going to the theater with friends to watch the acting class perform scenes from the playwrighting class's work, and I'm getting paid to do it. It's a wonderful life...