05 March, 2007

Way too busy to sit here and reflect these days. So I've borrowed some reflections I completed while getting paid. I posted this on libertyu.com on Friday. Enjoy. :-)

Does Spring Break really start next week? Granted, the first half of this semester is a week shorter than normal (Spring Break doesn’t fall precisely midway this semester because Graduation is a week later than normal). But really, am I practically halfway through my final semester of college? Where has the time gone?? A lot of the time has gone to studying—which, I understand, is the primary purpose I am here…but I sure hope I don’t look back on my last semester of college and remember little besides trying to decipher Biology jargon or trackdown police officers for quotes for a story for Investigative Reporting. For me the single most lovely and rewarding thing about college has been the friendships made. Hands down. So why is it that my final semester the overachiever is beating the social butterfly in the arm wrestling match in my head? Is this me growing up? Finally becoming legitimately responsible? Or is it just facing the facts—if I don’t buckle down and do this work I will risk not graduating on time and waste tons of my parents money… Maybe a little of both. It’s been hitting me lately that in a couple months my life will radically change. I’m not trying to be overdramatic, I’m just trying to prepare myself. Since I arrived at college in 2003, I have grown acutely accustomed to being surrounded by hoards of peers—people in my stage of life, around my age. Soon, more than likely, I will be transported to a different environment. One where I will have much fewer social options. In other words—the majority of my hundreds of facebook friends will be hundreds of miles away. And Friday night will still come—and I won’t be tied up with 24 credit hours of class—and they won’t be there to hang out. It’s just gonna be weird, that’s all I’m saying. I know in the case of friends that have already graduated and moved on (God bless them and their courage to leave the bubble) one of the biggest adjustments to grown-up life is simply not having many friends their age to hang out with. Now granted, there is something wonderful about jumping back into the real world where there are senior adults, little waddling children, and teenagers (well, maybe I could do without the teenagers.) But I know for a lot of people, that adjustment can breed loneliness. So, is there some way to prepare for that? I dunno. Ok, enough reflection. This week has been busy in preparation for my 12-day getaway. I’m missing 4 days of class so I have had a lot of work-ahead stuff to do. I think I’m pretty on top of things. I just don’t exactly have a moment unplanned n the next 5 days. But I’m ok with that. A lot of times I work better under pressure. The trip to Charlotte last week was a lot of fun. Mel’s family was super hospitable letting me stay with them for a couple days. The audition went well though I don’t feel like it was my 100% best. My mom tells me that I’m consistently critical of my auditions, but I think it’s because only I really know how I did in comparison to my potential. I should hear (or not hear) something back by the end of March. I really have no idea what’s gonna happen. And, I’m ok with that. In other news, my brother-in-law got an acceptance letter in the mail these week from the PhD program at the University of Edinburgh! It’s pretty much his dream school. He likened it to me getting offered a role on Broadway. He and Ashli are very stoked. They’re gonna spend a week in Scotland during Spring Break exploring the city and talking with professors. A cool life indeed. Well, I gotta run…a busy day awaits. Have a great weekend!