18 September, 2010

Hey pals.

How do you feel about the fact that is pretty much practically fall? If you’re in Edinburgh it’s pretty much practically winter. But luckily I live closer to the equator so I can ease into that fall weather one tiptoe at a time. Did you know sunset is one minute earlier every day here these days? Bring on the changing leaves, the crisp air. I love this season. Maybe it’s cause I’m an “autumn”.

Here’s some stuff:
1. I got a random call to help lead worship through music at a church around these parts for the next month before I return to NYC. I feel pretty honored to be using one of my passions to do something good. I think church is good. It’s crazy cause I haven’t done anything of the like in 5 or more years. I’m excited.
2. I’m in Lynchburg for the next month and I gotta be real with you. (Many of) The people here are Awesome. My friends here make my life better. They make me happier. And obviously too, my awesome parents are wonderful to be around. I’m getting to help my Dad get a new book off the ground and I’m happy to lend my skills to a worthy cause.
3. Sara Bareilles’ new music is GOOD.
4. Easy A was HIGH-larious. I laughed, I cried. It was great. The only parts I wasn’t impressed with were 2-fold: 1) Amanda Bynes acting. Eek. 2) The boring depiction of Christians. I’m so over that stereotype! Other than those 2 things the movie was a delightful gem. Go see it! Emma Stone is a star. Roger Ebert even said so.
5. I’ve been writing some music and I’m gonna play it for whosoeverwantstohear on October 2nd at a house show/get-together thingy in Lynchburg. Get in touch with me if you want some details. I feel major anxiety about this endeavour. I’m totally used to belting out Rodgers and Hammerstein’s music but my own? With a guitar? My own inner stuff out in front of other people for them to either like or feel complacent about or hate? Yikes. I feel in my gut that I need to do it so I’m gonna. Eek.
6. I’m getting so stoked for spending the fall in New York. An amazing living situation all but fell in to my lap. It will be great to audition again and be a little older, a little wiser, a little more street-smart if you will, this time around. Right now I’m just committed til Christmas time. I may apply to grad school to begin in the spring. Then again I may stay in NYC for a year or more. ☺ Who. Knows. !
7. I recently got some photos taken by the talented Duck Duck Collective. Here's a couple:

I think that’s all for now…what a great day to be alive. Also, if you smoke I think you should quit. Alright. Peace out girl scouts.

13 September, 2010

10 September, 2010

That European Blog!

Well, hello.


Or not.

Well the truth is things have been a little wacky since I’ve been back. I’ve hit the ground running assisting my dad with a book project and I’ve been on a crazy new schedule in which I get up and work at 7:30 am and I’m useless by 10 pm (thanks European timezones!). Quite the opposite of my show life schedule (that was more like Noon-2 AM). So I’m making a priority now to write about my travels before I forget them even though I’ve got things to do. Ok, reflections on 2 weeks abroad:

1. Edinburgh was amazing. I spent a week walking the streets that my sister and brother-in-law have walked on a daily basis for 3 years and that was so cool. The architecture there is breathtaking and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the.bomb. We saw 2 shows worth mentioning: Fair Trade (a show produced by Emma Thompson educating audiences about sex trafficking) and Edges by Pasek & Paul (a duo who are quickly emerging to be the hot new thing in musical theatre writing here in the States and apparently all over). Both shows were well-executed, not boring and thought-provoking. The Festival was a delight and I’m so glad I can say I’ve been to it.
2. London felt like a notquiteascool NYC but it was still great--namely because England is where so many of my favorite artists and writers are from: The Beatles (my favorite band), John Keats (my favorite poet), Jane Austen (my favorite novelist), C.S. Lewis (my favorite theologian/explainer of spiritual matters), Cath Kidston (my favorite producer of all things cute), Andrew Lloyd Webber (my favorite composer of dramatic musical theatre). You get the point. The highlight of our time in London was probably getting to see the West End production of “Love Never Dies” Webber’s sequel to “The Phantom of the Opera.” The special effects and music swept me away. It’s soooo dramatic and I love that Webber guy for it. Sierra Boggess played Christine and she is everything I could ever hope to be as a vocalist. 2 thumbs up.
3. Paris was awesome. We were on the subway above ground randomly and Ashli said “Look!” (I was looking out the wrong window). When I turned to the other side of the car and saw the Eiffel Tower staring back at me I involuntarily gasped. It was SO beautiful. The city’s culture and style are just inspiringly laid back and encompass the essence of European flare. I’m determined to have a grasp on the French language when I go back next. I felt kind of out of the loop not understanding anything written or spoken. I want in on the secret!
4. If you do go to England/Scotland you won’t regret exploring the smaller towns and villages scattered throughout. Possibly 2 of my favorite days were exploring the Highlands and St. Andrews in Scotland and touring Windsor Castle in Windsor at the very end of the trip. The UK’s small towns are amaaaazingly charming (especially compared to the US version of a small town). We got to eat the fish & chips voted best in the UK in Aberdeen and I got to snoop around St. Andrews College (where the princes attended). You really get a feel for what the country is like by going off the beaten path and by far the most breathtaking scenery was found in the Scottish countryside. I loved it!

There is really just so much I could write about the trip I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface. I think travel and the exploration of other cultures is essential in really Living life so I feel so blessed that I got to do this at such a young age and with my sister. We had a grand time and I’m so grateful to her for taking time out of her life and being my tour guide. We had quite the adventure and made wonderful memories. The stuff of life folks!