23 September, 2005

And It's Friday.

Well, the week of simplification has come to a close. I definitely feel like I am a little more in control of my life (you know, in a sense) but this week has still been crazy, and flown right by. It’s weird…over the past 6 days I’ve had 4 relatively new friends of mine confide in me about very personal things…things that only a handful of people in life know about them…I’m pretty honored.

John said I have this way about me where I extract people’s souls and force them to have a heart to heart.

I think I just like being real. And people like being real back.

Extra Thoughts/News: 1) Once On This Island opens one week from tonight...yessss. 2) We're performing a number from the show in convo on Monday. Be there. (Or watch it on tv.) 3) My mom is hearing Beth Moore speak this weekend...jealous much? 4) I wrote an article for the school newspaper and I hope they publish it. 5) I forgot to eat lunch today...

18 September, 2005


It has come to my attention that my life has been a bit out of control lately. Putting certain responsibilities on the back burner. Making no time to be quiet and alone. Draining myself of recoup time. So, this week I am simplifying. No hanging out, unless it's for meals. No internet, except email because of classes. And no tv, because well, we don't get any channels. :-) No, but seriously I need to get my priorities and responsibilities in order. And to do that, I need to say N-O a lot more often. So, if you want me to post anything on here before Friday...no! Have a great week!

14 September, 2005

Reflective Thoughts TBA

Reflective thoughts coming soon...for now, here's what has occupied my time and has hindered me from writing reflective thoughts...

  • Reading the book "Pamela" for my English novel class
  • Learning choreography, songs, blocking, and lines for "Once On This Island" (which opens 2 weeks from Friday people)
  • Doing the Bible study "A Heart Like His" for girls ONLY Wednesday nights 9:15 at my apt...
  • Going to Charlottesville
  • Going to Roanoke
  • Learning a dance to 'hollaback girl' (ok maybe not the most productive use of time, but it is fuuuunn)

So, now you know why I haven't written in a while...it'll pick back up soon enough I'm sure. Question to leave you with though (perhaps regarding my next post, eh?):

Why do you like to read?

11 September, 2005

Jenn and Me

For those who need explanations for everything...this is Jenn and me at the reception last Saturday. She's one of my favorite people. And I love her. Posted by Picasa

04 September, 2005

I Can Hear the Bells...

It is now 1:34 AM on Sunday September 4th. I’ve just returned from an 8-hour trip with my roommate Hannah back from New York where one of my closest friends in the world, Jenn McCarron, got married to Josh Philpot. The weekend was surreal and amazing and unbelievably fast. Hannah and I left Lynchburg Thursday afternoon at 3 pm and arrived at the McCarron’s in Port Jervis, NY at midnight that night. Somewhere around 36 hours later we were on our way back. 900 miles in 3 days. Daannnggg.

But the weekend was wonderful. I was able to run around with Josh and Jenn a bit on Friday taking care of this and that. Hannah and I actually got the privilege/duty of decorating the church. Our friends trusted us with the backdrop to their wedding…mind you, the only wedding they’ll ever have in life. Whoa. I thought it was pretty trusting myself. :-)

The wedding party was a bit of a big one with 7 bridesmaids and 6 groomsmen. 4 of the groomsmen I already knew personally because they’re either graduates of Liberty or currently attend (Neal Phillips, Justin Petrochko, Daniel Million [Josh’s cousin] and Scott Windham, who was my camp counselor back in the day). The bridesmaids were Jenn’s 3 younger sisters (she’s the oldest of four), her mom, me, Hannah, and Nikki Windham. A handful of Josh and Jenn’s close friends who weren’t in the wedding party also came. Among my favorites: Felipe, Abbey Smith, and Nathan.

The rehearsal was pretty snappy and the rehearsal dinner was wonderful. We went to this German restaurant and were served up some guh-reat food. Finished the evening off with ice cream and coffee. I’ve decided that there’s nothing more enjoyable and relaxing to sit at a table quite satisfied, having great conversation, and sipping on some coffee. Yep, that’s definitely in the top 100 favorite things in life.

The wedding itself was simple and beautiful. I sort of thought I might not cry…but that all ended when Neal began to sing. I’m not sure if it’s his voice, or that the wedding was starting, or the words to the song…maybe all of it. This is the chorus of the song he sang:

Your grace still amazes me
Your love still a mystery
Every day I fall on my knees
Cause your grace still amazes me

Nikki Windham sang “There You Are” beautifully as we were walking down the aisle. It was an amazing moment when the doors swung open and Josh saw Jenn for the first time. He says he wasn’t emotional but there were deeefinitely tears in his eyes. All the bridesmaids were kind of a collective basket case. Hellooo!! Jenn was walking down the aisle!! What did you expect??

One of my favorite parts of the weekend was getting to spend some time with Scott and Nikki Windham. They both graduated and were gone from the LU theater department by the time I came along. They got married back in December of 2003 and actually met through theater at Liberty…awwwww… As a younger ‘theater person’ there are few phrases that I have heard with a reminiscent tone than “Scott and Nikki….” So I really wanted to spend some time with these 2 who definitely left their mark on the stage and backstage of this theater group. I was definitely not disappointed. They were both warm and just great to have around. I now understand what everyone is talking about when they say how much fun it was having them in shows. Hooray.

So I guess I’ve officially been awake 19 hours now. Our hair appointments started around 6:30 this morning. I didn’t sit in the chair until about 8. But with an 11 AM wedding we had to get movin! I’ve never quite had so much hairspray and sparkles in my hair before…it was a new experience. But definitely not one that I hated…and I pretty much thought I would. I guess the whole crunchy, sticky, unmovable look is pretty sometimes…it’s just funny now that I took out all the bobby pins…I only look a little electrocuted…I’m toying with the idea of showing up at rehearsal tomorrow looking like this…hmm…

This morning though things were crazy rushed (we were still at Jenn’s house at 5 after 11) the Lord did provide us with a window of time to pray with Jenn. What a sweet time. I have been so blessed to have shared part of life with her this past year and a half. Few people in my life have inspired me so much, encouraged me so much, and challenged me so much. Jenn truly is the woman that I want to be in my next phase of life. Her story is definitely a unique one…college for 2 years in Chicago…diagnosed with lime disease…virtually on her deathbed for 2 years…recovered and went to Liberty…graduated, started grad school…married Josh at 27…Her life just confirms to me over again that those who seek the Lord are blessed. Everyone’s journey is different. There are trials. There are moments that don’t make sense. But all of it is part of the Lord’s plan. “All things work together for good for those who walk according to His purposes.” What a joyful thing it was to witness the joining of two lives today that earnestly seek to live for Jesus Christ. They have remained pure, they have sought God to direct the paths of their lives, and now they’re enjoying His plan unfolding. Here’s to Mr. and Mrs. Philpot…

(pictures coming soon I think)