21 August, 2010

I travel a lot; I hate having my life disrupted by routine. ~Caskie Stinnett

I'm spending the next little bit visiting my sister Ashli and traveling along side her. Many stories to be told I'm certain. As for today--PACKING!

11 August, 2010

I took a yoga class today. I am terrible at yoga. I'm not flexible and I'm not strong. So maybe that is why I only attempt a yoga class every 6 months or so. Anyway, at the end of today's class the teacher told a biography she read in 5 chapters:

(This is my fragmented summary.)

Ch. 1 Walked down a road. Fell in a hole in the road. Took me forever to find a way out.

Ch. 2 Walked down the same road. Ignored the hole in the road. Fell in. Took me forever to find a way out.

Ch. 3 Walked down the road. Saw the hole. Fell in. Knew it was my own fault for falling in. Found my way out quickly.

Ch. 4 Walked down the road. Saw the hole. Walked around it. Avoided falling in.

Ch. 5 Chose to walk down a new road.

06 August, 2010

Beach! Ahhhhhhh.

Hi! We're enjoying a couple of days in Gulf Shores, AL before celebrating my grandparents' 60th anniversary! This is the view from our balcony:

The oil spill didn't do much for tourism but the weather, water and sand are all perfect and as you can see we're (practically) the only ones down here enjoying it.

“The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea.”
-Isak Dinesen