23 December, 2008

Relaying principles to the barely potty-trained and alien detection

When you're just the babysitter is it really worth it to try and teach the tike a life-lesson? Can a babysitter really instill values in a kid? Today I went toe-to-toe with a 3-year-old and though I didn't budge I still wonder if I should've just let her eat more raisins...it's clear that her defiance usually gets her the raisins...

Today I also made some money by participating in a psychology study over at Vandy where I (not kidding) had to sit in front of a screen and detect aliens. I was supposed to figure out which aliens were "Mabs" and which were "Nogs" or something like that. I didn't figure out any pattern and it made me a little suspicious that the exercise was really a test to see how many times it would take me to press the space bar in a warm, quiet room to fall asleep. I'm pretty sure it was somewhere around 275.

Also I have been working like a disney entertainment cast member...and by that I mean indentured servant...I've been averaging about 10 hours per day the past few days. Interesting thing, the more I work the more energy I have...lately I had been battling this consistent tired thing but lately I've been too busy to be tired. Kinda reminds me of college or something.

Ps within the next week I get to do great things, ready? Christmas with my immediate family, a reunion with my dad's family (all the cousins have not been in the same room in over 8 years), get to see one of my best friends get married, get to go see Spring Awakening (that's great with my favorite person (that's great too!), get to roadtrip with fun friends, and get to spend New Years Eve with my nearest and dearest!! That's alot to look forward to. :)

05 December, 2008

Do you like my festive Christmas background?!?

So I'm combating my child-allergy with a 1-2 punch: gummy vitamins & lots of purell. We'll see if I can sleep the whole night tonight without being woken up by coughing fits. Per my mother's advice I'm doing some research on ways to build one's immune system. Mine definitely needs some help. Clearly.

Have you heard? My parents are moving to Virginia (my life is so circular...cyclical? what do i really mean?). First I go to college there, then my sister goes to law school there, then my dad goes to teach there? Who knew? We will see how this transition unfolds...hopefully everyone will love their lives. That's all I really care about.

Also, I resonated with this quote I read the other night:

"When you come to know God by experience, you will be convinced of His love. When you are convinced of His love, you can believe Him and trust Him. When you trust Him, you can obey Him. When you trust Him, you have no problem obeying Him. 'For this is the love of God, that we keep His commandments. And His commandments are not burdensome' (1 Jn. 5.3)." --Blackaby & King

I know 2 different people who got nominated for 2 different Grammy awards. Weird, yet cool. I wish success once removed brought in commission.

I am still lo lo loving Lauren Winner's book "Girl Meets God." And still not done. Kind of a slow reader. Learned that the summer in Colorado when my daily (hours long) reading assignments were completed hours after my roommates. I'll diagnose it as mild add. I have to read the same paragraph over and over sometimes because my thoughts have drifted to formulating lists in my head or fantasizing about Adam Brody or brownies.

Speaking of food I have this new MYSTERIOUS side-job where I get paid to eat. AWESOME. Can't give you the details though. Sorry.

I am beginning to get restless for a real job--and by real job I mean real paycheck. Normalcy is sounding more and more appealing...it may take me awhile to get there logistically but a dog, a 1 year lease and a committed relationship all sound sort of appealing. sort of...