06 July, 2008

it felt so wrong it felt so right doesn't mean i'm in love tonight...

I haven’t written a blog that was just stream of consciousness/not heavy in quiiite some time. So here we go.

I love a good list—so this shall be numbered.

1. The day I arrived back at home after spending 5 months in Roanoke working at Mill Mountain Theatre my dad gave me Welcome Home flowers. I don’t feel like the men in my life (maybe other than my dad. Ha.) know quite how wonderful/special/lovely it is to be given flowers—espesh on any occasion that is not Valentines Day or Opening Night. Now don’t get me wrong…flowers are alllways great but even greater on the random days. I love flowers because they are aesthetically pleasing, because there are never 2 identical arrangements, because they make a room smell so sweet, and because they signify special occasions. I love flowers.
2. My room here in Nash is a small disaster. I can only live in physical chaos for so long. For me fung shui is like, the real deal. I need my physical environment to be settled and centered for me to feel the same way. Kind of eastern of me? Yeah, probably.
3. My sister is back for 1.5 months from the ole UK and I couldn’t be happier. She’s truly adjusted to living over there and is far from homesick. While she loves us, she really finds life in Scotland more interesting than it is here. I’m so glad marriage didn’t bring the end of her adventurous days. Honestly for her I think it brought the beginning.
4. People keep asking me what’s next, where I’m living, what I’m doing, etc. In case you were wondering I’ll give you the standard answer:
One run-on sentence version: Eh, I don’t know we’ll see.
Concise phrase (as if it was for a journalism hw assignment): I don’t have plans beyond the first weekend in September. Between now and then I will be auditioning in Pennsylvania, New York, and Florida. If no offers have been made by mid-August I will begin doing part time work in Nashville with the hopes of a performing opportunity appearing at any moment.
The longer version for people who want the details and/or don’t understand the actor life:
In the life of an actor you have times when you’re working and making money and times when you’re auditioning and spending money. Right now I’m in the auditioning/spending time. Hopefully by mid-fall I’ll be in working/making time again—but you just never know. I have ideas about what I want to do and where I want to be but they’re ever evolving. For the next few months I know I want to pursue live acting. In the past 5 months I’ve learned that I have more talent then I once thought and that the thing about performing I love the most is making people laugh. If I could do that every day, dang it, I would. So the plan is to keep auditioning for awhile and thoughts I have that might be deemed ‘long term’ include grad school and a move to new york. We shall see friends we shall see.
5. I’m not trying to jinx any thing at all so I’m going to make only slight mention of the fact that I will be auditioning quite soon for my favorite show/role of all time that I would give money away to play. That is all for now on that.
6. I am trying to find a serene balance between wise and spontaneous.
7. I keep noticing this longing in my heart to go to Africa. Kind of random, right?
8. I’m reading a book right now called “A Whole New Mind” by Daniel Pink. Subtitle: Why right-brainers will rule the future. I’ve only read the first chapter but so far it’s really fascinating. First, the person who recommended it to me was Oprah. Second, it deals with the intersection of psychology, science and success.
9. Yesterday I got some pink patent leather wedges. If that’s not girly I don’t know what is.
10. I think the new Katy Perry song is sooooo catchy and I love it. (Yeah, you know the one.)