23 August, 2008

Tales from a gypsy...

Important info!!!!!!!!

I am now a ChaCha (www.chacha.com) Guide. ChaCha is this fanfreakintastic FREE service where you text ChaCha (242-242) and ask her any question you have on your mind. ie: Who has won the most olympic medals in one Olympics? or When is the President and Mrs. Bush's wedding anniversary? or How many stars exist? or How much is a forever stamp worth? or How late does Blockbuster in Topeka, Kansas stay open?

Things like that.

Well now when you use ChaCha me (or hundreds of other people) just might be the one to do the research and answer your question! Yay!

2. No, this is not some new full time job. I am not making a career switch. I have actually been avidly auditioning since my contract at Mill Mountain ended. Now sounds like a good time for me to count the auditions I've attended. I love doing things like this...11! I've been to 11 in 9 weeks. Sick.

3. I've also gotten some new headshots taken!! I"m so excited. I've seen a few of the photographer's faves but I am still waiting on the cd of all of them (in part b/c it's being mailed to Nashville and I won't be back there for another week). You can check out Deb Knoske's fab fashionable work at Debknoskephotography.com.

4. A new musical is premiering in Rochester and eventually moving to Broadway based on Pride & Prejudice. My favorite novel + my favorite medium of art=bliss for hil.

5. I've been on the road for the past 5 weeks auditioning in various towns and villages. The suitcase life isn't so bad but I do prefer to at least be able to hang my clothes up. Wrinkles are just not cute.

6. On my travels I got to stop through NYC and visit with some fabulous friends. One such is my friend Shannon who just finished a 5 year stint on Broadway playing Tracy in Hairspray. Me and my best (guy friend) Patric were both inspired to strive for bigger and better. I really am learning that there are people in this world with big picture mentality and small picture mentality. I want to be one of the ones who sees the big picture and lives accordingly!!

Susie, Shannon, Cindy, Mike, Patric and I in Battery Park in NYC