27 August, 2005

promised announcement...

I said in the previous post that I would disclose what shows I'm in and such, just as soon as that was disclosed to me. It was disclosed:

In "Once On This Island" I play "Asaka" goddess of the earth. You may also call me mother earth. You know. Whatev.

In "Guys & Dolls" I play a "hotbox girl," which is simply a more descriptive term for "ensemble."

"Pirates" cast should be posted soon.


Oh and by the way..."Once" opens 5 weeks from tonight (or last night?).

Get crazy.

25 August, 2005

Stream of Consciousness/just want to be an 8th note in the Symphony

So as of today I have been back in Lynchburg 3 days. I have attended all but one class (theology. caner. next tuesday.) And I have auditioned for 3 shows. Count em—3! They are as follows: Once On This Island, Guys & Dolls, and Pirates of Penzance. I’ll report the results soon. The cast lists are supposed to go up tomorrow. So yeah, this week I have begun my Junior year of college. Although I’ve experienced soooo much over the past 2 years of school, I still feel like it’s flown by. I can still empathize with the scared/lonely freshmen. I can still remember what it was like to be the super-idealistic Hil that came to Liberty mountain thinking she would be BFF with everyone in sight. :-)
I’ve been blessed enough to grow deep and meaningful friendships with a number of people here. I have actually gotten to spend solid one-on-one time with two of them this week: Maura and Mel. Both of these girls are so encouraging to be around. They’re optimistic, trusting the Lord daily. I love being around these girls who are more focused on the Lord than on their own needs and desires.
It’s been sort of a weird thing coming back to LU after this incredible summer that I had, having no one around who even truly knows what it was like. I feel like I’m viewing LU, my studies, people, theater, family, and virtually everything else in life through a new set of lenses. More than recognition, popularity, or happiness, I want the Lord’s will done in my life. I want to be an eighth note in his symphony. I just want to seek Him and be a part of this amazing plan He has. And I’m not sure how He wants to use me this semester…I pray that He’ll see fit to let me be some sort of encouragement to those in my circles of influence. I keep on coming back to the concept that God has given us each an extremely unique role to play in His show…for such a time as this…

17 August, 2005

since i haven't written in awhile...

Hi friends, so tomorrow I'm leaving to go to the beach for a few days with my parents and Bonnie (the best friend). Bonnie and I both really pushed for this trip (we were even willing to go by ourselves (sans financial help from the parents) but my mom and dad were (hooray!) up for it. So tomorrow we treck down to Gulf Shores where we'll stay until Saturday. Then we'll book it back up to Nashville for Ashley Clayton's wedding Saturday night. Then, oh happy day, Jenna Smith (who I met at Focus this summer and is in Bonnie's sorority at Samford) is coming to stay until Sunday afternoon. Then I pack up the cute little--and newly shiny I might add--Avenger and head back to Lynchburg! So much has happened over the summer although it seems that mid-May goodbyes were only seconds ago...funny how time marches on. But yeah, so Wednesday I start College-part III. Craziness. This is the year of purpose. I just completed the summer of self-improvement...and now this is the year of purpose. Who knows what life will look like...ah, possibilities...I love them. Also, on another note...I discovered the other day that I will one day be an Aunt Hil. Now say it out loud. Now say it out loud with the emphasis on Aunt. Oh the beauty of never having to sign a birthday card to future nieces and nephews...instead I can just use my amazing artistic skills to draw a little ant hill...that's all for now.

11 August, 2005

Last view of Colorado

This was part of the view from the last hike I went on in Colorado. Thought you might enjoy.

09 August, 2005

"Beautiful people are the bane of my existence." --Kathy Griffin

Oh Kathy, what a sad life you must lead. Ms. Griffin announced this statement to the ladies of "the View" while I was watching the show this morning. I can't help but wonder what an inch-deep life characterized by that statement would be like to experience on a daily basis. Indeed, there have been times in my life where I longed to be a bit tanner, a bit skinnier, a bit taller...but to call any of that "the bane of my existence" would be nothing short of a lie. In truth outward beauty is something that I've devoted a portion of my thoughts to this summer. I made the decision earlier on this summer to become the healthiest physically that I could possibly be, sort of like as a science experiment. But it has turned into something I've enjoyed quite a lot. Exhibiting the discipline to ingest only healthy(ish) food and to run regularly have been nice additions to my life. The sense of accomplishment that comes along with running further than I ever have before is quite fun. I wouldn't trade it in for a slush at Sonic or a TCBY parfait. So, I guess this whole "outward beauty" thing has been sort of tripping me out lately. See, I sort of got skinnier this summer. Well ok, I didn't "sort of" I just did. I hate the phrase "lost weight" so I'm refraining from using that here. But it's what happenned to me. Anyway, it's a weird thing to be on either side of the skinny train and then to switch to the other side. I mean granted you have a little extra boost of confidence as you're walking through the mall, but you also get 200% more catcalls (for me that's two) than you did before...which really doesn't seem to be worth the hassle. Anyway, for me I'm glad I got healthier. I have a little more energy. I have more endorphins truckin through my system. And I have a disciplined life. And though I definitely wouldn't characterize myself as a BP, they aren't the bane of my existence either. Life is about so much more than sizes and sweat or dessert and pudge. So though I'm an advocate of doing all things in life with excellence, becoming a BP is not on my to-do list, but neither is becoming a couch potato.

01 August, 2005

To Whom It May Concern:

Lynchburg is definitely becoming the newest home to three fabulous institutions: Starbucks. Panera. And Coldstone. All right in a row. Glorious Day.