02 February, 2011

To Life!!! L'Chaim

As some of you know I've jumped on the IN THE HEIGHTS bandwagon a little late but no less passionately than all the others. In November I finally saw the show that won the Tony Award for Best Musical in 2008. I loved it so much I took my family to see it a month later. It has quickly become my favorite show. The creator and composer/lyricist Lin Manuel-Miranda grew up in Washington Heights (the part of Manhattan where I lived for 3 months this past fall/winter) and penned this beautiful musical about his beloved neighborhood. The story is particularly touching to me because it centers around an immigrant community and it hits close to home as my own maternal great-grandparents arrived on Ellis Island less than 100 years ago.

I found this video of Lin Manuel singing the song "To Life" from the musical FIDDLER ON THE ROOF at his own wedding this past September. It delights me because not only do I think he is awesome and the video is just delightful, but also because it is a song from my own culture!

If you need a little refresher on the original here ya go! (And with subtitles I fully expect you to be singing along):