27 July, 2006

One of My Favorite Things

Have you ever finished a catch-up (or any type) conversation with a friend on the phone, only to have your spirits lifted, like a feeling of happiness transported itself from friend on the other end of the phone through the tricky phone line and airwaves (or whatever...) into your own soul?
That was totally me last night.

I talked to my friend Aaron last night (see link ‘aaron bennett’ over there….) and we talked about all kinds of stuff. Friends, relationships, futures, figuring things out, past experiences, dreams…etc etc.

And when I hung up the phone, I just felt better about life. Better about everything. It’s so great to hang out with (or talk to) those friends that sharpen your lenses of clarity a bit more. People who are seeking after Jesus, and really living by faith in Him. Aaron also pointed out to me that in regards to me in a relationship there are two key elements that can’t be missing: I have to be challenged, and he’s got to make me laugh. One without the other just won’t work.

I really thank God for friendships like Aaron’s. I want to be purposeful in investing in those this year at school. Since it’s feasibly my last at Liberty…I guess this is me making it a point to have a real conversation (at least one, heh) with each person that I spend any length of social time with regularly. I’m not making up a rule for myself or anything…just a beneficial idea…

I have some rules though that I think I’m gonna perhaps lay to rest awhile. These are just personal rules…not black-and-white straight from Exodus type rules. I think I’m gonna experiment with going-with-my-gut and living freely. Or something…That’s inspired by Aaron too…and a tree.

19 July, 2006


"All a book really amounts to is a vicarious brain meeting with someone of more experience and knowledge." --John Carl


I'm excited!

In a week and 2 days I will depart for a fun-filled weekend visiting my friend Leslie in Washington D.C.
I'm flying in to Baltimore and taking the train to Union Station, only blocks from Leslie's sister's apartment (cool location, eh?)
Leslie is interning in Senator McConnell's (repub from kentuck :) office and is going to take me on a tour of the capitol!
A little 4 day excursion never hurt anybody...
Especially when you get to stay somewhere for free and you get a cheap flight through southwest. :-)

I also just found out today that my fam is going to take a cruise in August to Mexico!
Ashli's fiance is going.
Which means that we Sutton's will officially never ever vacation, just us, again.
That's kind of dramatic, don't you think?
I guess most every family goes through it...

This has been a great summer. And shall end greatly.

I'm sitting in Panera right now b/c of the free wireless. I just met Bonnie for lunch at another restaurant here and she brought the 18 month old Olivia kid she is nannying for all summer with us. Our waiter treated us different cause I think he thought Bonnie was a mom...even though she was wearing a pink chi-omega t-shirt...

A cute stranger just smiled at me.

Last night I cleaned out my closet of all dated, unworn, or wrong size clothes. I have piles and piles of clothes that I'm gonna take to plato's closet. I'll let you know how much money I get from there.

My friend Chad is coming through town later this week b/c he's moving from Lynchburg back home to Abilene, TX, and I guess Nashville exists somewhere along his route. I know it's really a normal/healthy thing for people to graduate and move elsewhere...but its still weird to be the person still at school...I have a list of friends who won't be there when I get back in the fall:
1. Chad
2. Patric
3. Josh and Jenn
4. Hannah
5. Kristin

And those are just like, my really close friends that are gonna be gone for the first time...weird...

Ok, random thoughts done. As is this post.

16 July, 2006

So you really wanna know?

Hello. It's me again. I know I know, it's been a hot minute--a long time since I've written. My life the past 9 weeks has not really been conducive to periodic updates. But lucky for us all, I am back in Nashville for the next month or so. So I shall now fill the world in on the happenings of one unexpected summer in pigeon forge, tennessee. Chronologically in summary form it goes like this:
May 14th: Mother’s Day. I arrived at Pigeon Forge. Watched a performance of Fixin 2 Rain. Felt slightly mind-boggling that soon I would be expected to have the show memorized.
May 24th: Opened Fixin 2 Rain. Performance #1. Teared up a little during the finale because I really felt I had accomplished something. 10 days of 9 hour a day rehearsals left me tired. Especially when I got assigned the task of not only being a performer but also being the tech assistant to the guy in the bear costume and operating the remote control mouth. Had finally gotten over not getting to be in 3 numbers because I was the bear mouth girl. Had survived learning the show and actually came out with a good attitude about it. Whoot.
June 5th: My boyfriend and I decided to stop dating. We both happen to be in the show in Pigeon Forge. 6 more weeks. How Lord? What are You doing? I don’t get it.
June 9th: Go home to Nashville to sing at my friend Britney’s wedding. Contemplate staying. Don’t understand why it would be beneficial to come back to Pigeon Forge. After a conversation with Hannah, one with my mom, and one with God, I feel certain I am to go back.
Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same thing.
Somewhere around 2 or 3 weeks after that: Things are looking up. Beginning to remember and claim the promises of God. Remembering that in order to be dependent on the Father there has to be hard things. Thanking God for the hard things. Thanking God for a promising future. My friend Joel tells me about how God answered his prayer to get money for school. I begin humbly realizing the magnitude of God and how I am stupid to forget how provisional He is. I start praying in faith, and believing God.
(Still) Somewhere around 2 or 3 weeks after that: Moved from the Annex (ghetto old motel) to the cabins out in the Smoky Mountains. Thanking the Lord for amazing digs (own room, kitchen, cable tv, big comfy couch, and a hottub) and loving my new roommates.
Last week of June: I watch an episode of mtv’s MADE and get inspired to be a life coach or something. I’ve figured it out. The two things I love and must do in life: invest in people and express myself.
Sometime around the end of June/beginning of July: All four of my roommates come to me separately and confide in me (and/or) ask for advice. I am reminded of when Beth Moore spoke at the Passion Conference and first got me thinking about how counseling is a life changing profession.
First week of July: Eat dinner with my friend Lacey. She tells me about the faith journey God has had her on. I feel more encouraged and more sharpened than I have in months—maybe a year. She tells me I have a real knack for asking questions. She tells me my interest in people is rare…unique.
4th of July: Go home and have a good time with family.
After 4th of July: Come back to Pigeon Forge to enjoy time with friends and finish the run of the show. Find out LU theater is doing my dream show, Little Women at Christmas time.
July 15th: Complete show #58. I actually finished the summer. I completed it. Begin tearing up in finale once again because I’m in awe of God’s faithfulness.

Lyrics from “Rain, Rain, Rain” (from Fixin 2 Rain)

We have so many things to learn
of God and all His ways
Of right and wrong a simple song
of faith and hope and praise
But God in all His mercy
reaches out to love us still
A gift from Him our debt is paid
and on to us His blessings laid.

Rain Rain Rain
Mercy drops are falling
You can hear the angels calling
Calling from above
Rain Rain Rain
Heaven’s Highest Glory
Reminding of the story
Covering with Love

Thanks God.