17 March, 2010

I love this on 3 levels.


Level 2: My (most amazing expat) sister is going to Belgium this weekend!

Level 3: (the obvious) THE SOUND OF MUSIC!!!

It just marries a bunch of things that I love. Enjoy. And feel free to dance around a bit yourself.

16 March, 2010


I liked this blog post so much I'm sending you over to my friend Connie's blog to read it. This Way to Joy

07 March, 2010

a more detailed explanation of rehearsals

I came to Wytheville to begin rehearsals for “The Sound of Music” 2 weeks ago and life has been but a blur ever since. I hardly know where to start on filling you in…

From the beginning my fellow castmembers were warm, sweet and encouraging. It’s atypical to completely gel with every member of a cast so the fact that this cast (especially the ones living in the cast house with me—[some live here in Wytheville so they don’t live in the house and I don’t know them as well]) gets along and even enjoys hanging out all the time is such a blessing.

I’ve also been really impressed with the acting in this show. As you can probably guess the quality of a show like “The Sound of Music” hinges in large part on the talents of the actress playing Maria and I’m certain I’ve never worked with a more professional, talented leading lady. You can check out Selah’s website at Selahgrace.com if you wanna get stalk-y.

The rehearsal process has been an unusual one since there are 3 casts of Von Trapp children. Because we have several matinees a week that conflict with school there are 18 children playing the 6 roles. (I play Liesl all the time cause I’m done with school. Yay!) So picture it. In rehearsals one cast of kids is taught the blocking and choreography and notes for “Do-Re-Mi” and let’s be honest, that already takes 3 times as long as it would take adults. Then you do it all over again with another cast of kids and then ANOTHER cast of kids. My patience has definitely been tested during this process—but in a good way! I absolutely want to have kids in the future…just not 18 of them.

It was pretty amazing to pick up my paycheck Friday afternoon. Although I’ve been “working” every day since February 22 I haven’t felt like I’ve been working at all. There have been multiple times over the past few weeks that I’ve just looked at the ceiling and thanked the Lord that I get to do something so rewarding and joy-filled.

The show opens Thursday night and my grandparents and parents are coming Friday night! I am delighted for them to see the show that I’m bursting-at-the-seams proud of. Pictures to come!

My heart will be blessed with the sound of music. And I'll sing once more...

04 March, 2010


You can rest assured that the reason I haven't blogged since beginning rehearsals for "The Sound of Music" is because I've been very busy and having a blast. I've been so "present" here I haven't been very good about keeping in touch or reflecting on things as they occur. I'll try to write in more detailed fashion over the weekend but just know that I feel that I'm a part of creating something breathtakingly beautiful and meaningful. I am loving it. Talk to you soon...