17 February, 2007

On Life and Living

I think as my time in college steadiy comes to an end, I am daily becoming more thoughtful about it all. The turning of chapters. The growing up. The honest fact that life changes never reverse.

I ran across this fantastic blog by way of another friend's blog this morning:


This man is 93-years-old and writes regularly. He writes candidly and humanly. Reading about how he feels about coming to the end of his life really reminds me that we are all the same. We may be from different places, been born in different decades, but there is something very unifying about being a part of humanity. When authenticity comes out, so does relatability. Reading his thoughts on life makes me wonder what I will/would reflect on about my life when I am 93. I think the more interesting things I go and do and the more I invest in my family, the happier I will be. I don't want to regret not traveling. I don't want to regret not having that fourth child that I desperately though quietly longed for. I don't want to regret spending more time typing on my computer than investing in the people around me. I don't want to regret not communicating what I am passionate about, and voicing what is right. I pray that we all live fervently. I pray that we live the life we are meant to lead. I pray we live in love and peace and remain ever mindful of the brevity of it all.

12 February, 2007

Step #1 in the process of getting a real theater job is underway. Yesterday one of my dearest friends John, (who is obviously going on to a successful career in photography) took some headshots for me to use. When it comes to professional theater you always show up with at least two things: a resume and a headshot. The first of many auditions for me is happening in just a matter of weeks. I covet your prayers! I am counting on the Lord to open the doors that I'm supposed to walk through. Ah! This time of life is so exciting!

07 February, 2007

gpa's, snow, and 25 years of schooling.

After a long awaited grade change, I finally got my real GPA for last semester...



This is my best gpa yet and I'm very excited.

If you haven't caught on, this is shameless, shameless self-promotion. (Good job Hil!)

By the way, it snowed in the burg last night so we have a beautiful blanket of white....what's not beautiful is that classes aren't cancelled...

An additional side note, I'm writing again for the school paper this semester and so far I have gotten published in both of this semester's editions. I am currently working on a profile of a really nice greek professor named Dr. Croteau. He went to school WITHOUT stopping from the time he was in highschool until he was 30. 30 years old. He never took time off. Can you believe that?