22 October, 2010

NYC Season 2 Episode 1 in Numbers

Days in New York: 7
Shows seen: 3
Jobs acquired: 2
Friends reconnected with: 10
Mice seen in apartment: 1
Rats seen on subway tracks: 3
Chipotle eaten: 2
Dresses worn: 1
Celebs spotted: 2
Mace purchased: 1
Book read: 1/2
Dates: Classified.

View from Weehawken, NJ taken on Tuesday night.

14 October, 2010

Worth sharing:

1. I can't stop listening to this song.

2. I found this dance to be incredibly moving.

3. I go to New York tomorrow. I'm sure there will be stories quite soon. I feel so much older/wiser/better prepared this go around. I'm not even nervous or stressed! I'm just...ecstatic.

05 October, 2010

PS! My Twitter highlight of the week...

Last week I happened to respond to one of the many New York Theatre Tweeters I follow. I commented on "Love Never Dies," the new A L Webber show I saw in London a month ago. Little did I know my passing tweet would make it into an article! Lesson learned...if you don't want the world to know "weirdo" makes a regular appearance in your mental lexicon don't put it on twitter. Here is the article nonetheless:

Well, the countdown is on people! I leave for NYC a week from Saturday! Between now and then there are a host of happenings. Let's do this chronologically.

1. I'm heading in to the studio to do some voiceover work with the guys from Hello Marketing. I'm really excited to learn this entirely new (yet related) craft.
2. It's Homecoming Weekend!! And now that the bff Leslie Hagar has hit the big time (eek. I just pictured my liberal family members clicking there. Don't do it!) she's been asked to join an alumni panel and speak to Public Relations students. So not only is that impressive and is it fun for her to come for the weekend but it's also great because she gets to come a day early!! See you Thurday Hags!!
3. This weekend will be the final of 4 weekends that I've helped out with music at Radford Church here in VA. It's been overall a pretty great experience. Driving out to the...shall we say...rural parts is not my favorite but it's been wonderful to help out where what I do is useful. The things I'm good at are not usually those "come in handy" skills so when they are, it's nice.
4. I'm taking the GRE next Tuesday. Yikes. I'm prepping to apply to grad school. For real this time! More on that later...
5. One of my best friends is having a BABY this weekend. A BABY. Love you KGweese!!

Kristin and Leslie came to see me in "The Sound of Music." The one on the left is Kristin (the one having the baby this weekend.) And the one on the right is Leslie (the one coming in town this weekend.)

01 October, 2010

After working on it for the better part of 2 months I'm pleased to announce that I've finally got a website that is one-stop shopping for everything I do. Check it out at HilarySutton.com. And If you know someone who may need someone like me point em in that direction! I so appreciate it!