22 January, 2006

Democracy's Literary Method...

"If you're a supremely talented artist and you hit a very lucky day, then maybe you can write a poem or story or chapter or a novel that needs no revision. If you're a regular writer with your appointed portion of esthetic luck, you'll need to come at the piece again and again. I like to think of revision as a form of self-forgiveness: you can allow yourself mistakes and shortcomings in your writing because you know you're coming back later to improve it. Revision is the way you cope with the bad luck that made your writing less than brilliant this morning. Revision is the hope you hold out for yourself to make something beautiful tomorrow though you didn't quite manage it today. Revision is democracy's literary method, the tool that allows an ordinary person to aspire to extraordinary achievement."
--David Huddle New York Times Book Review

Huddle was quoted in my textbook for my feature writing class. Call his take on editing idealistic...but I like it...I wish that theater and vocal performances could be revised like writing can...but I guess once you put it out there, you can't take it back...

21 January, 2006

My New Apartment!!!

Josh, me, Leslie, and Kristin my roommate! This is from when we hung out on my inaugural night in the new place. :-) Posted by Picasa
View of my room from the doorway... Posted by Picasa
My fabulously big closet!!! Posted by Picasa
This is my room!! I still need to put some more pictures on the wall, but I'm doing moving in, other than that. I'm not sure what is going on with the tv... Posted by Picasa
The Bathroom! (enough counter space for us to both be in there doing makeup...perfect) Posted by Picasa
The Living Room...those couches are amazing... Posted by Picasa
 Posted by Picasa
The Kitchen...see all that counter space?? And it's so clean! (bliss) Posted by Picasa
kitchen... Posted by Picasa
Living Room...my roommate is leaving the Christmas tree up until her mom visits in February...she's really, really proud of of it... Posted by Picasa

Inspiring Professors, Shows, and Slogans

So, I decided to post my latest blog entry from the libertyu website, so you can see what types of things I write about. It's generally much less personal, because its for school...I'm having a great time doing it...I wrote this one yesterday....

Well, it is now Friday morning of the first week of class. I’ve been back in Lynchburg a week now. It may have been one of the fastest weeks of my life! I’m very excited about going back to classes again today. Does that sound nerdy? Basically, I have an infatuation with all my professors. They all have incredibly qualifying credentials, are all well-spoken, and are all thinkers. Like, my grammar class (that I thought was gonna be bo-ring) my professor, Dr. Muller had my attention wrapped the entire time! Not only is he knowledgeable about grammar, but he made tons of references to operas, artists, and philosophers. He is obviously a person who never let his education end once he finished taking classes. I love that!In other news, we had opening night of “Pirates of Penzance ” last night. It was so fun! The whole operetta is a comedy, and though I thought there were funny moments, I had no idea the audience would crack up as much as they did. You really never know how a show will go until you have an audience before you. And they seemed to love it! So I hope if you’re in the area, you come J Oh and a final thought, to help with my make straight A’s goal, I came up with a theme-type thing for the semester. Ready? Where effort meets intelligence. This means that I’ll try just as hard as I am intellectually capable. I think the moment we are disciplined enough to engage all of our efforts, that is when we achieve excellence. Until next time…

17 January, 2006

big news...BIG NEWS...

I’m moving!!!

When you ask? Tomorrow.
When did I decide, you ask? Today.

I’m so excited!! My new place is in Holly Run townhomes, off of 501 North (“7” minutes from Liberty apparently) where I will enjoy nice new carpet, cable tv, wireless internet, a kitchen big enough to do cartwheels in, and a backyard.
Plus one roommate—which equals 75% less trash and dirty dishes.

I’m so excited!

It’s all quite random how it worked out. So random though, I feel the Lord must have worked it out.

This may indeed be the last place I ever live in Lynchburg.

No more moving in and out of dorms and apartments here??

I’ll take it.

More to come…

10 January, 2006

The Return: 3 days and counting

I'm so excited to go back to the burg!!!

Not because I'll be in the burg, but I digress...

I'm so excited! Every semester proves to bring new surprises and be completely different. What will this semester bring? For that matter, what the heck will April bring? Usually I have a month-by-month idea of what my semester will be like due to shows and trips and such...but this time, there is no show in April, so what the heck will be going on?!?

Time will tell.

Here's what I know will be going on this semester for me, for sure:
  • Pirates of Penzance (the first two weekends of school)
  • A Valentine's Day worth celebrating (heck yes...)
  • Watching Josh steal hearts in "Into the Woods"
  • Learning alongside Mel
  • Hanging out with Jenn (for it is her last semester in Lynchburg)
  • Hanging out with my sister (for it is her last semester unmarried)
  • Voice Lessons
  • Acting Class
  • Auditioning at the Southeastern Theater Conference (for over 100 companies, yowza) which segues into the next thing...
  • Taking a trip to Orlando with 10 or so of my friends to go to SETC
  • Spring Break in NYC
  • A trip back to the Nash for my dad's 20th anniversary at our church (falwell's gonna come too i think...maybe we'll carpool...whoot.)
  • Taking a magazine writing class...which hopefully will help me determine if I'd ever want to do that for a living
  • Turning 21

Hopefully this semester will include the following: deepening relationships with those important to me, lots of learning and growing, GREAT grades, more money, improved acting chops, and an abundance of traveling.

Let adventure part 6 begin....

03 January, 2006

Passion, Weddings, Change of Plans

Hello and Hello,

I've figured out this perfect christmas break schedule for myself to get things done for my new job at libertyu.com. I generally stumble out of bed between 9 and 10, go pour myself a hot cup of coffee, flip on the tv and get to work here on our family's computer. It works great for me. Then I don't miss the blessed "View" (back off, I don't even have a tv at school) and I still get the things done that I need to do! Lately I have been writing 100-word(ish) summaries for some different aspects of Liberty life. I've written about convocation and student life so far. Right now I'm working on commuters (I mean, what is there to say really?) and soon I'll be working on "drama/theater" (that should be a bit easier :-) and the Career Center. Have I mentioned that if I could have an adult version of this job in a couple years, I would love life? There's something great about not having office hours...or an office for that matter. :-)
This week I was supposed to go with Bonnie down to Birmingham to visit with friends and eat at one of my fave restaurants--California Pizza Kitchen. But alas, I guess it was not meant to be as the plan included coming back on Friday and I have to work all day Friday and Saturday. But would you like to hear the good news??
My friend Mel is in town for the Passion conference and found out that her group has an extra band (the thing you have to wear to get in) and so tomorrow I'm going to go to the thing all day (I think) and get to hear some great bands and great preaching, and for the low, low price of nothing. yessss.
So ya know, it all works out.

In other news, my friends Laura and Dar are getting married Saturday in New York. I so wish I could be there. They are such a sweet couple. But you know what's weird? Laura and I are basically the same age. And she's getting married. Forever. Like, hello the rest of your life, here it is...I'm not sure I'm ready for that...