01 October, 2006

this is me...blogging...i know, right?

Today was a great day. One of those days where you realize you have a lot of time to get things done and instead of getting comfortable on the couch, remote in hand, you actually do make use of your time. You crank out the paper. You finish the novel. Etc. Etc.

Today was that blessed day for me. :-)

I slept in and put on a pot of coffee. It’s a good start to a day already. I knew I needed to at least begin on my paper that is due tomorrow at 5 pm. I purposed in my heart to at least write some of it. This afternoon I busted out three pages of it, and promptly finished the second half after I got home from AWANA tonight. I did no hanging out today. Sometimes I forget that I like days when I don’t hang out.

I really love community. I love friendship. I love spending time doing nothing with people. I love connecting, bouncing ideas and thoughts off of other people.

But sometimes you just need to be alone and get stuff done.

And when it’s done…it feels great.

Not that I by any stretch got everything done this week that I need to. I sure didn’t. I have to write the first six pages of a play by Thursday. I have only begun to tip the iceburg of the research I want to do in preparation. I’m not even sure if I’m a good enough writer to give the voice to this story that it deserves. So part of me is trying to ignore the fact that I need to work on it. It’s kinda overwhelming.

This is the first week of my semester that is rehearsal-free. Not that I’m done with theater for the semester. I’m in two theater classes, working on an audition for the Virginia theater association, and I still have seven performances of “Parade” left. But when you take out rehearsals from the mix it really does free up some time. And that I can be grateful for.

My friend asked me tonight what I’m gonna do with that time. My answer: make good grades, branch out, read, pass some clep tests, write a great (hopefully) play, put together a quality audition, and think and pray about what God wants me to do when I run out of Liberty. He also asked me if I’ve mentally “checked out” from Liberty yet. Since I know I’m going to be gone soon/eventually whatever…and I said you know, yeah I think in a way I’ve begun that process.

That’s so weird.

I wrote a cover letter for a resume today. I wrote it as if I was sending it to Playbill magazine. I think if I was a writer for Playbill…well, that might be the equivalent of a dream job…blending writing and broadway…wowwie…

Life for people in their 20’s, especially early 20’s can be a bit of a conundrum. And I’ve begun to appreciate that. It’s hard to plan for a life that is slightly out of your control. Especially if you’re a girl, you know? Like I know there has to be girls out there that would love to plan the next five years of their lives, and include marriage in there, but the truth is its really out of their hands. Like my parents, they can virtually plan the next five years of their lives. So could say a highschool Junior. But those of us in that stage where you’re leaving college and heading towards adulthood and wanting adulthood to eventually mean a family, but not in the near future…well, that just means you’re at the tricky stage. And some day we’ll all look back on it and smile. And for me, I’m already smiling. I bet God thinks its cute when he sees all these twenty somethings subconsciously frantically looking around for a life’s witness. He’s like, kid, I know how the story goes…why are you freaking out? And then the kid stops (even if it is momentarily, and sometimes it is) and says: oh yeah…You do. I preesh that.